“My mission of healthcare excellence: to restore vitality, whole-person wellness, and to empower individuals with effective tools, a vision and determination to pursue their personal best.”

My Approach: 

Our body, and the community, is designed to heal itself when barriers to cure are removed and when the intracellular electrochemical healing mechanisms are restored. I strive to identify underlying barriers preventing total healing and harmony, by listening well and using appropriate functional testing. My medical and life experience has taught me that a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to minimize inflammation and optimize cellular functioning. “Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation”… this sometimes requires detoxification, physical manipulation, injections, scar treatment, hydrotherapy, targeted exercise, deep breathing, nutrition modification, or supplements. The health goals and individual factors unique to each patient will guide the formation of their personalized treatment plan.

My Background:

I developed a love for nature, growing up on a midwest farm and northern California with parents who encouraged adventurous outdoor work and play. During my undergraduate studies in biology and botany, I saw undeniable wisdom of an intelligent designer in the intricate interconnectedness of nature. I wanted people to experience the healing power of nature, and feel empowered to regain their health. However, I did not see sustained healing occurring in the mainstream medical system. This was my turning point to begin the study of Naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, graduating in 2008. As a naturopathic physician, and as a mother, I educate people about their bodies, health options, and sustainable ways to achieve a strong, resilient balance.

When I’m not at work, I love to get outdoors: hiking, rock climbing, ice skating, organic gardening, eating good food and discovering life with my husband, two children and friends.

Therapies and Conditions Commonly Treated:

Detoxification, Nature Cure, Fasting, Botanical Medicine, Injection therapies, Natural Scar Reduction & Hair Regeneration,  Pain relief, Cold/Flu/Ear/Sinusitis infections, Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, and Thyroid conditions, Sleep difficulties, Skin issues, Weight optimization, Pediatric/Well-child, School wellness checks

My Education:

• Bachelor of Science, Biology Pre-med; with minors in Chemistry and Religion (Walla Walla University)

• Licensed Massage Therapist (Bellevue Massage School)

• Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine (Bastyr University)

Post Graduate Training:

• Medically supervised water fasting and therapeutic diet at True North Health Clinic (Santa Rosa, CA)

• Attending physician at SilverHills Guest House (Lifestyle Resort in B.C., Canada)

• Heavy Metal Toxicology (IVNutritionalTherapy)

• Methylation and Genetic SNPs (with Ben Lynch,

• Epigenetic's and Nutrigenomics (with Ben Lynch,

• Aesthetics and Platelet Rich Plasma (Tyna Moore, ND)