Natural Family Medicine  


Natural Family Medicine: The first step to achieving wellness.

Our providers are uniquely able to provide integrative care, available to meet your health care needs. Serving as your Direct Primary Care clinic, we will be your first line of care. This means that you can come to us with any health concerns and we will diagnose and treat you accordingly, or help you find the care you need to achieve your health goals.  Our definition of health care includes being an advocate for you within the medical community and helping you navigate that arena through advice or appropriate referral.

  • Annual Physical and Screening Exams
  • Well Child Checks
  • Pediatric & Geriatric Care
  • Chronic Disease Treatment and Management
  • Acute Care Appointments (These are DAY of ONLY appointments available each day for more urgent or acute events.) 
  • Conventional and Eclectic Lab Testing
  • Medication & Supplement Management